Alliance and Network

Alliance and NetworkA small network of 10 partner voluntary organisations in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh has been formed with Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram as nodal agency. These 10 NGOs are small and a fesw are new ones with very little support. SSA has managed to gain access to funding support for them.

Funds to these organisations are routed through SSA and SSA provides monitoring and evaluation support, reporting directly to the resource providers. The network together has achieved a lot in the areas of education, health care and agriculture. Network partners meet periodically to review the progress and chart out future course of action.

Partner Organisations

Gramin Parampara Vikas Sansthan (GPVS)
Shivrampur, Chitrakoot
Since 1996 Safe Motherhood and Child Survival (SMCS) and Watershed Programme
Pakdilpur Welfare Society (PWS)
Manikpur, Chitrakoot
Since 1998 Watershed, Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC), Parent School Partnership (PSP) Programme
Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram (SSA)
Mau, Chitrakoot
Since 1997 ECDC, PSP, Educational Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP) and Rainfed Rabi Cropping (RRC) Programmes
Atarra, Banda
Since 2003 Watershed, women empowerment and RRC Programmes
Bharatiya Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan (BAPS)
Since 2003 ECDC, PSP and RRC Programmes
Vikas Chetna (VC)
Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Since 2000 Watershed and RRC Programmes
Rameshwari Manav Kalyan Samiti (RMKS)
Majhgaon, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Since 2000 Watershed and RRC Programmes
Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital (HBMH)
Since 1998 Watershed and RRC Programmes
Society for Watershed and Rural Development (SWARD)
Shankergarh, Allahabad
Since 2000 Watershed, PSP, ECDC and RRC Programme
Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram (SSA)
Karvi, Chitrakoot
Since 2004 PSP and ECDC

On the state level, SSA has become associated with network organisations like Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Action Network (UPVAN) and Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA). On the national level, it has become associated with organisations like Voluntary Action Network of India (VANI) and Association of Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development (AVARD). It is expected that in the time to come, this association will only be strengthened.