Abhimanyu Bhai
Sarvoday Seva Ashram

Dear Sir,

With best regards we want to state that World Centre for Democracy Practice is an institute, an organisation and a Non Governmental organization(NGO) working globally head office situated in Montale, Italy. Our main moto is to focus the democracy as an universal approach in the way of socio-political, economical, geographical, strategical moral spiritual activities for the whole planet & make a bridge among all the religions so that peaceful environment remain always in the planet.

Therefore, the WCDP has started cultural revolution against terrorism, drugs, racism, religious fundamentalism, wars, kamicaze, nuclear bombs, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, mafia political system, military dictetorship, facism, nazism. The WCDP is providing a platform to build collective partnership, leadership among all sectors of the international community including efficient and effective public sectors of the Governments globally.

WCDP abide by the philosophy of Abraham Lincoln, Mohutma Ghandhi, Nelson Mandela, Banga Bundhu Shiekh Mojubur Rahman, Jimmy Cartar, Indira Ghandhi, Late Papa Govani Poulo Secondo Waziwala, Professor Muhmmad Yunus, Aung San Suu kyi, Ban-e-Zeer Bhutto, Martin Luther King, and also all the veterans of the planet.

Democracy is not hypocracy in any methods in the society, honesty is the best policy in democracy all the way to state level, local level, international level. People’s verdict is the allmighty God’s verdict in democractic moral spiritual process institutionally, nationally & internationally.

World Centre for Democracy Practice wants to continue the following programs & function with the help of your kind technical support, technical promotion, technical sponsor & special grants. This WCDP is registered in European Commission, registered in India and also we have got Amnesty International recognation. It has also Bangladesh chepter..

So your honour, will you be kindly to stay with us and give us technical support, technical promotion, technical sponsor, special grants and work shoulder to shoulder with WCDP programs. Overall, our earnest reaquest to your honour to run up our programs, we need your whole out cooperation and sponsor.

Thanking you

With best regards

Shahariar Imam
Founder and President
World Centre for Democracy Practice
Democracy House
Via G. Nerucci 16/C, 51037 Montale PT, Italy