Visitors' Comments

"I heartily congratulate that your program is really excellent feathering program, innvoative, especially education, self help group, which is demonstrative, easy to transit knowledge. Excellent. Keep it up!"

Bekele Abive, Ados Ababa (Ethionea, dated 18/07/06)

"It is the third time we are visiting you and our sponsored child Gudiya. We can see the development from time to time. It is interesting to see the results of the different project you are working with. We can see that you are doing great work. You can make a stony area to a growing field both on the earth and in the human body. May God bless all of you in your work. We look forward till our next visit."

Hemriette Dably and Jorgen Madsen (Denmark, dated 30/12/05)

"I have greatly appreciated that your all community involvement in the implementation of your program, your knowledge transfer to different category of the community is impressive but I have a coment on your keeping wate points sanitation. The cloth washing areas need to be above ground and compartmentalized to serve individual and save water for washing."

Belayneh Beleti, ECC-SDCOH, PO Box 279, Telephone 0251-251111204

"Two days I have spent here have been very rewarding. Congratulations upon developing a range of cost effective programs to assit the poor of this area."

Ray Caird, 125A, Tasman St., Nelson, New Zealand, 021-2555189, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.