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Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram is one of the oldest and most respectable voluntary organisations based in Bundelkhand region, which is among the most backward regions of India. The motivating forces behind SSA were great luminaries like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the Sarvoday leader who launched Bhoodan (donation of land) for improving fate of the landless in rural areas, and Jaiprakash Narain, who was for devolution of power to the people.

Founded in 1950, the vision of SSA is establishment of a society in which every individual regardless of caste, creed and religion can live a life of self reliance free from poverty and fear. SSA works among some of the most backward and deprived sections of the society in a very challenging situation.

SSA feels that an organisation must have an active and resourceful citizen base. It exhorts all those who can identify with the organisation's vision are invited to join the team. Before taking a decision to join SSA, the prospective person is required to be ready to take the challenges head on. The decision should be guided by the spirit of helping the people in distress and not just as a mean of employment.

Another way of joining SSA is to volunteer one 's services for making a difference. Several volunteers have played important and critical roles in the past in furthering the cause that SSA espouses for. These volunteers have come from diverse backgrounds. For all of them association with SSA has been an enriching experience. Anyone can volunteer for SSA. It is indeed immaterial if a prospective volunteer is a student, a teacher, a professional, a social scientist, or a housewife. Education or degree of prospective volunteer is also immaterial. What matters is the presence of the spirit of volunteerism in the person.

Kindly use the form on contacts page to write to us for volunteering, or get in touch at the address provided.